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The App

SafeWatch is a wellbeing companion app designed to promote mental wellness within a supportive community. The app fosters real connections and aims to enhance mental wellness without increasing screen time.

It provides a platform for family, friends, mental health practitioners, and employers to support individuals in their mental health journey. It allows tracking of client progress, medication, and activities, offering personalised care in clinical and workplace settings.

One of the key aspects of SafeWatch is to enable users to setup the concept of the village. The village comprises of people “who know you”, “who get you”, and “who help you”.



In May 2021 Shane Muller the founder of Safe Watch approached CoSource with the vision of developing an app to be an early warning tool in suicide prevention. Quite often we hear “I had no idea, or never expected….”. There is a major rise of people suffering from forms of mental wellness and a lack of effective early detection.

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In Summary


Safe Watch


Mental Health

Business Problem

SafeWatch is a wellbeing companion app designed to promote mental wellness within a supportive community.


CoSource developed a sophisticated mobile application built with MAUI and IPFS (Blockchain). 


The app is currently being used by medical health professionals providing them greater insights into their patients.

The architecture

The mobile app was built using .Net MAUI (a cross-platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop applications with C#) which enables cross-platform functionality, allowing the app to operate seamlessly on various devices.

The backend of the app leverages the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for data storage. IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open. This decentralized approach helps in ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

Blockchain technology is integrated into the system to enhance security and privacy. By utilizing blockchain, the app ensures that user data is encrypted and distributed across a network, making it virtually tamper-proof.


Privacy & Data Security

A key feature of this architecture is the emphasis on total user privacy. By utilizing blockchain’s inherent characteristics of decentralization and cryptographic security, the application ensures that user data is fully protected. This level of security is so robust that not even the app developers can access the user’s data.

User Autonomy & Data Sharing

The app empowers users with the ability to control their data. Users can decide what information they wish to share and with whom. This choice could range from basic profile information to more sensitive data.

When a user decides to share information, the transaction is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring a transparent and secure exchange of data. This mechanism also allows users to retract access to their data, offering dynamic control over their digital footprint.

Decentralised Storage

Storing data on IPFS offers several benefits. Unlike traditional centralized storage, IPFS stores files across a network of nodes, reducing the risk of data loss or censorship.

IPFS also increases efficiency in data retrieval, as files can be fetched from the nearest node in the network, potentially reducing load times and bandwidth usage.

Scalability & Maintenance

Both blockchain and IPFS are scalable solutions, suitable for handling growth in user numbers and data volume. Blockchain, in particular, offers an immutable ledger, growing as more blocks are added.

By using these technologies the maintenance and updates are more streamlined, as decentralised systems do not have a single point of failure.

In conclusion, by combining MAUI, IPFS, and Blockchain, not only ensures robust privacy and security for users but also offers scalability, cross-platform functionality, and user autonomy in data sharing and management. This innovative approach sets a new standard in how applications can handle user data ethically and securely, while still providing a seamless and efficient user experience.


The app allows practitioners to do the following:

  • Build a care plan for patients by assigning activities
  • Assign medications
  • Track the overall adherence to medications, activities, as well as monitor the patients mood.








Final thoughts

The app is currently being used by medical health professionals, and the impact has been amazing, with some great feedback, which can be viewed here

 If you would like to learn more or have any questions please contact us or visit to learn more about the app.


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