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CoSource’s continued growth demonstrates that a company’s employees do not need to be 100% local to be part of a successful workforce. We are a team of remote developers based all around the world. Those without any prior experience of remote working sometimes fail to understand how a team that is divided by oceans rather than office desks could possibly produce work of a higher calibre than local developers who work in-house.

We have dispensed with the idea that a team needs to be physically present in one room or one building in order to successfully collaborate on a project, communicate with one another towards the same goal, and exceed clients’ expectations. Outsourcing your software development project could not be easier, or more cost effective, in an age where communication technology is so advanced, and tools can be accessed from any computer system regardless of location or proximity to a company office.


CoSource are proud to be an innovative company embracing alternative ways of working, and the advantages they bring. We have discovered that working remotely adds value to our business and the work we produce, offering our developers and clients benefits that would not be available if our team comprised of a set of local workers in a traditional, company-based office.



Outsourcing your project to CoSource means you don’t need to recruit an in-house team. We understand that hiring local workers can be a rigorous process that absorbs valuable business time. It could take weeks, perhaps months for you to find candidates that are exactly right for your business.

A company-based office restricts the talent source you can tap into. Commuting times and other logistical factors have to be taken into consideration, meaning you can only recruit from the areas surrounding your office. You may therefore hire someone based on how easily they can access your office, as opposed to whether or not they are the right fit for the role.

This issue is exacerbated if you need to recruit senior staff. You are a lot less likely to find someone with the level of experience or expertise you require in your company’s local area, forcing you to settle for a candidate who is almost but not quite right. This sort of recruitment will fail to add value to your ventures and business, and may even slow down productivity or reduce the quality of work your company and workforce produce.

By outsourcing with CoSource, these problems would no longer exist. We have capitalised on the fact that remote workers can be based anywhere in the world, by treating the globe as one large pool from which the absolute best talent can be discovered. Since there’s no need to take logistics into account, we have been able to find developers with the level of experience and expertise we require, who completely suit our business.

We have not been forced to settle for a team that doesn’t quite fit the bill because of restrictions posed by local recruitment. By relying on CoSource to complete your software development project, you have access to specialist developers who are experts in their field.


Since CoSource’s team are based on different continents with varying time zones, someone will always be available to speak to you about your project at a time that’s convenient for you. Whether you need to run a few things by us, check in on the development process or ask for help, remote working enables us to provide 24 hour support.

However, an in-house team would only be able to work on a project for a few hours a day during office time. By relying on CoSource, you don’t need to wait until your employees are back in the office again, or ask them to work late to finish the job. Since our remote team’s working hours vary according to time zones, your project will be worked on around the clock, allowing us to provide a more seamless service.




The flexibility afforded to our team by working remotely makes for a happier, more productive workforce. Local teams are restricted by set office hours that every employee must abide by, which isn’t always conducive to a healthy work/life balance; the requirement to be in the office at the same time every day, added on to the hours spent commuting, could equate to less personal time and an unhappy team.

Remote working increases productivity because employees are free to work in an environment they feel most comfortable in, as opposed to a company office where rules and regulations are in force. CoSource recognise that everyone works in different ways and remote working facilitates that, allowing each team member to create their ideal work space for maximum productivity. Therefore, our developers can devote their full attention to your project, minus all of the distractions present in a company-based office.

The fact our team members choose to work for us, despite being situated at different corners of the globe with countless other employment opportunities, demonstrates their commitment to our business and the work we produce. By outsourcing with CoSource, you can guarantee that the experts working on your project are completely devoted to it, and are passionate about the work they are undertaking.

This is in stark contrast to a team of local employees that may have only joined your company out of necessity or because it was logistically viable. A remote workforce such as ours that remains loyal to our company reinforces their commitment to delivering work of the highest standards for each and every one of our clients.


The idea of working remotely poses the question as to whether a strong company culture can be cultivated if team members are not working together in the same room. Many would argue that meaningful relationships and trust between co-workers can only be established by physically working with one another on a day to day basis, which enables them to collaborate in a positive, productive way.

Yet CoSource’s system of remote working proves there’s no longer a need for team members to be in the same room in order to collaborate effectively. We use the best communication technology available to bridge physical gaps between employees. They can chat, email and video call one another whenever they need to, making collaboration seamless and easy, regardless of where in the world they may be based.


This has enabled CoSource’s team to develop a strong company culture of trust and respect. Readily available technology means that tools can be accessed from any system, and work can be sent and received instantly, without the need to access it from a company computer.



Trusting CoSource’s remote workforce to complete your software development project means you will be able to benefit from all of the advantages mentioned above, which simply aren’t available with an in-house team of local employees. You will have access to a roster of expert developers from around the world, convenient 24 hour support whenever you need it, and a higher work output from a dedicated workforce; all of which mean better value for money. By choosing us, you don’t need to waste time and money hiring your own local team, which will only be available during certain hours of the day, from a limited talent pool restricted by logistical factors.

Many companies are naturally gravitating towards remote working solutions, and moving further away from the traditional office setup of hiring local employees. The aforementioned benefits are difficult for any business to ignore.

See for yourself why more and more companies are relying on remote workers, by outsourcing your software development project with CoSource. You will be amazed by how our talented team of remote developers will be able to add more value to your project than any local in-house team ever could. Get in touch today to find out more.

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