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Our process

our mission has always been, and will always be, to deliver top quality custom software solutions to our valued clientele - each and every time

We love engaging with both returning and new customers, to gauge just what their expectations and needs are, and then tailoring a solution to fit their own unique needs. Our process is streamlined, transparent and simple from beginning to end, building trust in our working relationships so that you know your software development needs are in the right hands from the beginning.

Stage 1 : An in-depth consultation of your needs

This is the real nuts and bolts stage of CoSource's prospective collaboration with you. During this stage, we construct a pre-project evaluation and consultation of just what your needs are and how best to achieve them. No job is too big or small for our expert team, and once a process is agreed upon, we will draw up a preliminary proposal for you to peruse. This will include an estimate of the time and budget needed to meet your software development needs and as we delve deeper into just what makes you and your business tick, this proposal can be altered to meet any new alterations, changes or additions.

Stage 2 : Diving into research, planning and design

Congratulations! You are now on board with CoSource at this stage, and we can really get into the thick of your software project. This stage is as hands-on as you, the customer, want it to be. Not only can we discuss your hopes further, but we will also sketch out your design to really bring your project to life. We will make our often-technical jargon as simple for you to understand as possible, and work with you to put your own ideas into motion.

Stage 3 : Creation and development

In the third stage of our streamlined process, you will finally see the project you've worked so hard on developing come to fruition. We will build your software, with you by our side so that you can see just how it works - after all, this is your own unique idea coming to life! We will begin by putting together the most essential components of your design, testing each new part as we go to ensure it is working perfectly and of the highest quality. This testing of each unique part along the way ensures that we can iron out any potential bumps in the road as they happen and not at the end.

Software release

The support CoSource offers doesn't just end when your project has been developed and is now a real-life solution, and not just a series of sketches. We will be by your side to not only assist in navigating the often-confusing world of hosting and licensing of your product, but our expert team will also be there to offer solid assistance in coordinating a distribution method that works for you. We want to see your software solution grow from strength to strength, and consultation on these factors is an important part of the process for us.

Ongoing customer support

It doesn't just end there! We offer affordable maintenance plans to ensure that CoSource stays by your side post-release of your software. We love building long-term relationships with the customers we have worked so hard collaborating with, so if you feel that ongoing assistance and support is required for the upkeep of your software, we couldn't be happier.

The best part of our maintenance policy is we store your software solution components in our own safe local version control system, as well as offsite to ensure that the backup of your all-important software is completely safe and secure. Not only that, but we conduct regular testing procedures to ensure that your software is in prime condition - something that many competitors don't offer in the software development sector.

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